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Unlocking Work-From-Home Bliss: Legitimate Job Opportunities for Moms

There has never been a better time to consider legitimate job opportunities that allow a parent to juggle career and family responsibilities with the rise of remote work and online possibilities. In this guide, we will offer multiple home-based job ideas that do not involve joining multilevel marketing (MLM) companies. From article writing for pay to being an online assistant, there is something for everyone.

stay at home mom working as baby sleep consultant

Problems with MLMs and Real Work at Home Opportunities

Before we begin to explore real work from home opportunities in our exciting journey, let us talk about the elephant in the room first; MLMs. We don’t want to knock MLMs for those it has worked for. However, MLMs are known for a high failure rate and becoming quickly oversaturated with reps. Although MLMs can be tempting due to the promise of easy money as well as flexible hours, they are usually far less romantic than they seem. A number of moms have been burnt by these multi-level marketing strategies that require huge initial investments and efforts of recruiting new people into their network. Thus, this article will focus on jobs that are not affiliated with multi-level-marketing.

Why Choose to Work from Home as a Mom?

Why would a mother want to opt for employment from home? To begin with, being able to decide when you want to work while any place where internet is available could change everything for today’s busy mothers trying to deal with kids’ needs around the clock. Making your own hours and being self-employed can be a huge asset while parenting and running a household and trying to find time for self-care and personal interests. Another benefit of working from home is that it saves time since there’s no commute; money saved on gas or public transport fares used daily plus the freedom associated with life without bosses. Working from home can also mean that you don’t have to pay for daycare costs, which are rising every year.

Moreover, working from your residence means getting paid while still enjoying activities which you love doing most. Whatever kind of person you might be – creative writer, baby sleep consultant, technical support specialist who loves gadgets or merely caring babysitter – there exist work at home jobs which can match your tastes. A rewarding professional and personal life can be built through utilizing such skills and know-how.

Learning Easy Online Certifications That Pay Well

One of the ways you can increase your earnings while also gaining access to numerous work-from-home opportunities is by obtaining simple online certifications that pay well. For example, if you have a passion for families and helping them solve sleep problems, becoming a certificated baby sleep consultant might just be what you need to become successful. Through an online certification course in baby sleep consulting, one could take advantage of this fast growing sector and have a fulfilling career of assisting tired parents with their babies’ sleeping problem.

But how much money does a baby sleep consultant really make? The good news is that the earning potential is huge. Though salaries may vary based on factors like experience level, location and services rendered, seasoned full-time baby sleep consultants can pocket anywhere from $50,000 to over $100k annually. With the current rise in the demand for sleep solutions, it’s never been better time to enter into this highly profitable industry.

Genuine Work-From-Home Options

Since we have already looked at the advantages of pursuing work-from-home opportunities and the possibility of easy online certifications, let’s now look at some genuine job options for moms that do not involve MLMs. 

One option is freelance writing which allows you to be creative and make money by producing articles, blogs, website content etc. for clients worldwide. With the surge in content marketing and online publishing, there are many skilled writers who can create a persuasive copy.

Another option is virtual assisting, where you provide administrative, clerical or creative support to businesses and entrepreneurs from your home office. In this field, you can opt to handle appointments schedules, emails, maintain calendars or do social media management among other things; all of which will require organizational skills as well as attention to detail.

work from home mom becoming certified as baby sleep consultant

Why Be a Pediatric Sleep Consultant?

Among many legitimate work-from-home jobs for moms looking to change lives of families significantly, they can consider becoming a pediatric sleep consultant. Your passion for helping others together with your knowledge in child development can be applied towards an easy online certification in baby sleep consulting thereby assisting exhausted parents and their children on their way towards better sleep.

Don’t know where to start? Start by researching pediatric sleep coach certification programs like The Sleep Consultant Academy from the Collective for Family Rest and Wellness. This program is APSC approved which means it meets stringent industry standards and teaches everything you need to know to be an incredible sleep consultant, from child development, sleep hygiene, sleep training methods, how to build a successful business and more. The Collective also offers a PAID internship so that you can begin making your investment back immediately upon graduation and gain valuable experience working with families.

In conclusion, there are many other authentic work-from-home jobs for moms beyond MLMs. These include freelance writing, virtual assisting, becoming a pediatric sleep consultant among others. While going through a certification program and starting your own business may feel daunting, the payoff of making your own hours, spending more time with family, not having a commute, and more perks of self-employment are well worth it.

Want more information on becoming a pediatric sleep consultant? We spill all the details on our webinar about what it’s like to be a sleep consultant and go through our program! If you’d like to chat with one of our co-founders to see if the program is a good fit, click here to book a FREE 30-minute Discovery Call. 


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