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Sleep Sacks 101

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Sleep sacks can be such a game changer for sleep!

Some positives about sleep sacks include:

  • positive sleep association (meaning they associate it with sleep and can sleep easier with it)

  • keeps their temperature regulated

  • makes sleeping in different places easier

With that being said, we’ve tried A LOT of sleep sacks over the years. None of them change how our kids sleep/slept, but there are definitely specific things I look for after trying so. many. options.

Here’s what is important for us when buying a sleep sack:

  • how long they’ll be able to use it

  • if it comes in different TOG ratings

  • has a zipper at the bottom and top

  • type of material

Investing in sleep sacks that you can use for a long period of time (especially length wise) means you don’t have to constantly buy the next size up! This is a bonus when you’re buying some of the more expensive brands.

It’s also important that you can use the sleep sack when it’s warm or cold out. That way you don’t need several with different TOG ratings unless the weather varies by a lot in the summer and the winter. Then you’d need something like a 1.0 TOG and 2.5 TOG (one for each season).

We also really love sleep sacks that have a zipper at the bottom so that when those night time diaper changes need to happen, we don’t have to take everything off and further wake everyone up. We want to all get back to sleep as quick as possible!

Material is also important to us because my children usually have eczema in those baby years. Which means we need natural materials that won’t make them itchy and therefore not sleep as well.

When you’re ready to purchase a sleep sack, make sure you write our your pros and cons for what’s important to you and then invest in a piece you’ll get a lot of use out of!


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