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Is Working with a Sleep Consultant Covered by Insurance?

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

You’d think working with a sleep consultant would be a given to use your insurance for since sleep helps so much with our overall health! Sleep (along with nourishment) is a basic need that all human beings need.

When you’re struggling with sleep deprivation as a new parent, you quickly realize that all the sleep you used to get pre-baby was such a gift, maybe even one that you took for granted!

Because it is also a basic need, you might have even thought about working with an infant and child sleep consultant or a sleep coach to help your baby sleep better, and consequently, you too,

It’s valid. It works. There are so many consultants and coaches to choose from now too!

After searching, you may think you’ve found the perfect consultant to help your baby sleep better. You’ve followed her online for a while. You’ve implemented some tips and it’s working. Your baby is finally to that age or stage and YOU FEEL READY to take the plunge and work together. And then you get a glimpse of the pricing…

Getting one-on-one help with your baby’s sleep isn’t cheap. It’s an investment. A very worthwhile one I might add. After all, you can’t put a price on quality sleep!

But did you know that, depending on your situation, sleep consulting services may be covered by your health savings account (or flexible spending account)?!

Wouldn’t that BE A DREAM?!

How does this work? Where do you start?

No worries, we’ve got you covered.

Before you pay, find out if working with a sleep consultant is covered.

You don’t want to whip out that FSA or HSA card juuuuust yet. Even if your payment goes through, there’s a chance your insurance company may come back and say it’s not covered and you’ll have to pay out of pocket anyway. Due your diligence and check first so that you don’t have to deal with this headache later.

Then, call your insurance company and get the details.

Get on the phone and find out all the details! Check to see if things like “sleep environment” “sleep education” or “sleep hygeine” are covered under any part of your plan. Many HSA and FSA may cover complementary therapies like sleep consulting, lactation consulting, chiropractic, etc. so it doesn’t hurt to ask!

If so, how does that work? Find out if you would need to submit something for proof. For example, you may need to collect:

  • A detailed invoice including everything included in the package and any add-on services or bonus documents

  • A letter of medical necessity from your child’s physician→ may need to be filed under “alternative medicine or alternative healing” since sleep consulting is not a regulated field

  • A screening for sleep apnea

Communicate with your sleep consultant.

Once you know that you’re covered, communicate this with your sleep consultant. She can make sure she includes all the necessary details on your invoice that you’ll need to submit to your insurance company after your payment is complete. For example, if “sleep education” is covered, she may list out the different topics included in her guide, course, or consultation. Titles of other documents included in the package may be useful as well – for example, a safe sleep checklist, or safe sleep product recommendations.

Submit everything with your invoice that’s needed.

You can easily save invoices, letters, and any other documentation that’s requested in a file on your computer to send to the insurance company. Email or print and mail per their instructions. This may vary from company to company.

Finally, get to work and SLEEP!

Now it’s finally time to get to work! Follow the recommendations from your sleep consultant, and before you know it, your baby will be sleeping like a champ. And so will you! Quality, healthy sleep is coming to your household.

A few final tips for finding your perfect sleep consultant match:

  • Follow a few consultants.

  • Spend a little time on their social accounts – do you like the tips and topics they’re sharing about? Do they seem well educated?

  • Check out their website – do you connect with them and their story? Do they have helpful content for you there? Do you think they can help your baby?

Set up a call and see how you vibe! You’re going to be working with this person for a few weeks/months, so you want it to feel comfortable, friendly, and trustworthy. After all, this is your baby we’re talking about!

Interested in finding your dream sleep consultant?? We have a directory for you with consultants certified through The Collective for Family Rest and Wellness’s Sleep Consultant Academy Program. With ongoing support, mentoring, and education, you can be sure that one of our consultants is a great fit for your family’s needs. Check it out here.


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