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Everything You Need to Know About SlumberPod: The Product & The Company

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

SlumberPod, oh SlumberPod, where do we begin with sharing our love for you?!

You know when you find a really great product and you just want to shout all about it from the rooftops??

That’s what we’re going to do here today, as parents and as sleep consultants, both the product and the company.

Why We Love the SlumberPod (as Parents)

My family and I (Katelyn) have used our SlumberPod everywhere - at Disney, when we take our family beach trips, when we’re staying with family or friends out of town…the list goes on!

If we’re going anywhere that involves a nap or bedtime, you can be sure that our SlumberPod is also packed in one of the suitcases. Yes, it fits in a suitcase in its own carrying bag.

It’s easy to assemble and fits over a play yard, mini crib, toddler cot, or toddler air mattress, so you can literally use this product from the time your baby is 4 months old through the early childhood years.

It's safe! The founders of SlumberPod are a mom and a grandma, and of course, their number one priority has always been safety. It has air vents, ventilation panels, and pouches for both a fan (you can buy this with their bundle if you want) and for a camera monitor, so you can see your little one snoozing away inside the pod.

The SlumberPod provides a familiar space for your child to sleep no matter where they are! It certainly makes traveling a bit easier because your child will be able to go to sleep in a space that they’re familiar with that provides total privacy and a blackout solution.

Ready to make your purchase?? Use our code FAMILYREST$20 for $20 off your SlumberPod!

Why We Love the SlumberPod (as Sleep Consultants)

Not only is the SlumberPod an excellent solution for traveling with a baby, but it’s also great for room sharing with parents or a sibling, as a blackout solution, to prevent crib climbing, and potentially protect from a pet that may try to jump in the crib.

If your living situation is, well, tight, and room sharing is necessary, use the SlumberPod! It provides total privacy and gives your little one their own space within a shared space. This is super helpful for sibling room sharing, limiting distractions at naps and bedtime.

Have an odd-shaped window that is difficult to blackout? Use the SlumberPod! Don’t waste your time messing around with trying to finagle the perfect window covering and use this multi-use gadget instead.

Sometimes, simply having a physical boundary, like the SlumberPod, can help prevent your little one from climbing out of their mini crib or play yard. Notice your little one trying to scale the mini crib? See if adding the SlumberPod on top makes a difference!

And– I’m sharing this from personal experience– it can offer a layer of safety when it comes to keeping certain pets (like, your sister’s cat!) out of the baby’s crib.

Why We Love SlumberPod (the Company)

As sleep consultants, we’re obviously interested in any type of product that claims to be “safe” and helps your little one sleep better. Most of these products are marketed to tired parents who will buy anything and everything that promises to help their baby sleep better.

When we learned more about SlumberPod, though, we were pleasantly surprised!

Katy and Lou, the mother-daughter duo and the genius behind the SlumberPod, had (and have) a personal hand in creating this product and marketing it. In fact, they have a pretty cool story. People buy from people, and we’ve loved getting to know these women and their story over the past few years.

Katy, after a horrendous Christmas trip to her parents’ house with her young twins, arrived back home tired and exhausted from what was supposed to be a relaxing and fun holiday. She and her husband had to share a room with their kiddos, and needless to say, no one slept well in the very full house. Her wheels began turning - how could she solve this exhausting problem for parents everywhere?

She and her mom, Lou, came up with the idea of the SlumberPod! Eventually, they had the opportunity to pitch their product on Shark Tank and ended up becoming fully funded by Barbara Corcoran. Interested in watching their pitch?! It’s on season 11, episode 10.

Since then, they’ve continued to grow and help families around the world get better sleep.

And, they’re true partners with many, many sleep consultants. It feels good to support a company you can truly get behind, and who also supports you as a small business owner.

How to Become a SlumberPod Affiliate as a Sleep Consultant or Influencer

We believe it’s super important to only promote and become an affiliate partner with companies whose products you personally use and love with your own children or clients.

If you’re interested in becoming a SlumberPod affiliate as a sleep consultant, there are tons of opportunities for you to share about this unique and helpful product while also growing your own business.

In order to apply to be an affiliate with SlumberPod, you need

  • A minimum of 250 followers on Instagram

  • To reside in Canada or the United States

Once accepted into their affiliate program, you’ll gain access to a few extra perks besides just a discount code and affiliate kickback.

You can be featured on their blog (good for your own website’s search engine optimization when you use backlinks), collaborate with them on giveaways, and even be featured on their Instagram account!

This is truly one of the best affiliate programs out there for sleep consultants, so we highly recommend looking into it once you meet the minimum requirements.


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