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9 Ways Postpartum Doulas can help families

Bringing a new baby into the family is a happy event but can also be overwhelming and tiring for first time parents. This is where postpartum doulas come in! These are caring professionals who have extensive knowledge in their work and offer imperative help to families during the critical period that immediately comes after birth, guiding them through the complex road of parenthood. From emotional support to tangible aid, this article will examine ten ways postpartum doulas can improve families’ lives.

postpartum doula sleep consultant holding new baby

Postpartum Emotional Support

New parents often experience many emotions as they try coping with taking care of newborns while still recovering from childbirth. It is at this point that postpartum doulas become vital since they lend a compassionate ear to such parents and offers them emotional encouragement. The doulas play an important role by being there for the family; whether it’s when nighttime breastfeeding sessions need company or when there is self-doubt or frustration, they are always ready with open arms for comfort.

Fourth Trimester Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding can sometimes become quite challenging and intimidating to new mothers. Properly trained as breastfeeding experts, postpartum doulas help mothers overcome regular nursing difficulties, helping them form strong bonds with their children through successful breastfeeding experiences. By helping mothers latch on correctly and positioning correctly and advising on issues regarding milk supply and pumping equipment too, these professionals provide helpful insights which allow them to become more effective as far as breastfeeding is concerned.

Newborn Care Education

The thought of looking after a newborn child scares most new mothers because they don’t know much about babies. During this period however, postpartum doulas step up providing crucial information on baby care essentials such as bathing skills, diaper changing techniques, swaddling and soothing babies. Postpartum doulas empower families with knowledge to fully take care of their children allowing them to develop confidence in their parenting capabilities.

Household Assistance

Postpartum doulas offer support for new mothers with regard to baby care as well as breastfeeding; they also assist them in carrying out domestic chores such as cooking, washing clothes and light cleaning among others. Consequently, new parents can concentrate on bonding with their infants while recovering from childbirth without worrying about the housework.

Supporting Big Siblings In Welcoming a New Baby

Older siblings often feel left-out or jealous when a newborn joins the family. This is why post-partum doulas are useful because they help other children adjust to newfound roles of being older siblings by organizing age-appropriate activities and offering attention that makes them feel included and loved.

Postpartum Doulas Can Give Baby Sleep Consultations

postpartum doula sleep consultant with baby

Many parents of newborns deal with sleep loss and this can cause numerous emotional and mental struggles during the postpartum period. A postpartum doula that has specialized education in baby sleep can help parents understand reasonable expectations for baby sleep. They can also help parents decide on a schedule and ways to share the load of being up with the baby at night. In addition, they can help families with the basics of setting a good sleep foundation during those early postpartum days- including how to swaddle, basics of sleep safety,  how to soothe their baby to sleep, and how to gently work towards a schedule and baby being comfortable falling asleep in the bassinet. In addition, postpartum doulas can share some gentle sleep training tips for the future which might be helpful in improving sleeping patterns.

If you’d like to add certifications in baby sleep to your repertoire as a postpartum doula, check out evidence-based programs like the APSC-approved Sleep Consultant Academy from the Collective for Family Rest and Wellness.

Advocacy and Education

Postpartum doulas are the advocates for families, assisting them in navigating through the complexities of healthcare systems to ensure that their needs are met without fail. From advocating for parents’ childbirth preferences to enlightening families on their options regarding medical interventions or procedures, the postpartum doulas empower families to make informed decisions about their care as well as that of their babies.

Postpartum Doulas Help Families With Community Connection

Furthermore, postpartum doulas help families connect with their communities, creating a social network consisting of friends, family members and fellow parents. With these kinds of connections, playdates and mom groups become a reality while links to local services and resources can be established by postpartum doulas who promote belonging that is critical for new parents and their infants’ sake.

Postpartum Doulas Empower New Parents

Most importantly however postpartum doulas help strengthen belief systems among families about the ability to have faith in oneself as a parent. The non-judgmental support given by such individuals helps build confidence among young mothers in handling children as well as educating them based on what is evidence based.

In conclusion,

Postpartum doulas provide important services addressing emotional health issues of both new parents and their infants during this crucial period after birth. They can help with the breastfeeding process; household chores; sleep hygiene; and they also provide psychological support so crucial at this stage.

Whether you’re an exhausted parent looking for some help or simply a passionate caregiver ready to make a change, postpartum doulas are invaluable on your parenthood journey.

We love Postpartum Doulas at The Collective for Family Rest and Wellness! Want more information on adding a pediatric sleep consultant certification to your resume? We spill all the details on our webinar about what it’s like to be a sleep consultant and go through our program! If you’d like to chat with one of our co-founders to see if the program is a good fit, click here to book a FREE 30-minute Discovery Call. 


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