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5 Things that are Important When Growing Your Family and Your Business

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Michelle Obama once said, “For me, being a mother made me a better professional, because coming home every night to my girls reminded me what I was working for. And being a professional made me a better mother, because by pursuing my dreams, I was modeling for my girls how to pursue their dreams.”

Regardless of your political views, we think many mom business owners would agree with this sentiment - we certainly do!

We LOVE what we do as sleep consultants. We truly feel that we are changing lives by the work we do - there is nothing better than supporting another woman along in her motherhood journey.

And we also LOVE our families! There is nothing better than those sweet little kisses and cuddles that fill your heart and soul with joy.

We’re not going to sugarcoat it either; it’s difficult to do both. Simultaneously.

And because we care so deeply about both of these things, we are here to share with you exactly how we make it work.

Communicating with Your Partner

This is key in making the work-life balance work!

Communicate - in fact, OVER-COMMUNICATE - about your work and your tasks with your partner so they’re in the loop and know what to expect on a day-to-day basis.

If you plan to have an “admin day” one day of the week, let’s say, every Friday, it would be wise for your partner to be aware of this. Or, if you plan to have calls from 1:00-3:00 p.m. every afternoon, this is also something they should know in advance.

If you have a deadline or a launch coming up, make sure they know about it. Running a business can be just a little stressful, especially in the instance of a deadline or launch. Keeping your partner well informed will help them help you better.

This goes both ways. We know that as career-oriented parents of young children, you’re often tag-teaming the parenting duties. Support each other by keeping up with what’s going on in life and in your business!

Prioritizing Your Tasks and Your To-Do Lists

You’re probably well-aware of to-do lists, but have you ever heard of prioritizing your list??

It makes sense - write out all the tasks you need to complete. Then, go through and assign each task a number based on its importance. Rewrite your list and get to work!

Bonus tip: Cross off tasks as you complete them - the act of marking it completed will give you a little hit of dopamine and motivate you to keep going. Anything that is left over on your list should be circled and then added to the next work time’s list.

Focusing on One Thing at a Time

Easier said than done, we know - and another reason to prioritize your to-do list!

We know that as small business owners there is always going to be something to do, something to work on, another day, another project…the job is never ending.

Here’s the thing, though, focus on one project at a time, and focus on doing it really well.

Let’s say you have a goal of building your email list:

  • Decide on your opt-in - how are you going to get people on your list? How can you serve them really well today?

  • Create your opt-in.

  • Decide how you’re going to deliver that opt-in - which email marketing platform should you use?

  • Set it up.

  • Create a welcome sequence to go with it.

  • Get it on your website and your social media.

  • Promote it.

  • Promote it some more.

  • Collaborate and promote it some more.

  • Send emails to your list!

  • Keep promoting it…until it becomes second nature.

As you can see, there is a lot that goes into one project. If you’re going to do it, make sure you do it right and you do it well so that you see the results you want from doing it in the first place!

You don’t need to do ALL THE THINGS all at once when it comes to your business. There is a season for learning, getting experience, growing and projects. One thing at a time. Slow growth is the best kind of growth.

Getting the Most Efficient Help

When you get to the point where you think you need help, you’re likely going to feel like you need help NOW.

We’d encourage you to think about getting the most efficient help possible. That can look a lot of different ways depending on your situation.

Let’s say both you and your partner are working tons of crazy hours and between that and taking care of your kids, you simply don’t have time to keep up with the house. This is where we’d recommend you to look into hiring someone to help clean your house a few times a month.

Or maybe you don’t have time to grocery shop - maybe look into a meal services like Blue Apron or Home Chef.

If you’re busy with clients and the other tasks in your business are falling to the wayside, maybe it’s time to consider adding another consultant to your team, or bringing on a virtual assistant.

Weigh the time and cost of outsourcing something vs. the time and cost of what you are working. If it makes sense, it’s time!

You see where we are going with this, right? Really think about what would lighten your load - and take away some stress - and choose where you spend your dollars wisely. You’ll want to get the most bang for your buck!

Being Where Your Feet Are

This is probably the most critical item we’re sharing with you in this post.

It’s easy for the lines to get blurred, but when you’re working, work. And when you’re with your family, be with your family.

Be where your feet are.

Have boundaries for yourself. Have boundaries with your clients.

You won’t ever look back and wish you had answered that one phone call from that one client when you were busy reading a book to the child in your lap.

Your work will always be there. Your children will not.

Okay, hopefully we didn’t make you cry with that last one!

We love having the ability to be able to work from home so we don’t miss out on our babies growing up, but we also know that it is so easy to whip out your phone and post something on social media or answer those few questions in your DMs when you’re playing on the floor with your toddler.

If you resonate with ANY of this with your current situation, or feel like you could do this…maybe our Sleep Consultant Academy is for you! We’re currently having a sale - $1000 off! Click here to learn more if this is the right program for you.


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