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12 Different Ways You Can Work as a Sleep Consultant

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

As rapidly as the sleep consulting field is expanding, it's key to highlight the many different ways you can do this job. There’s a little something for everyone! You can mix and match your offerings to best suit your personality, needs, and interests.

There’s no one way to be successful, and many different paths you might choose to take to get there. That’s the beauty of building your own business…you can make it work for YOU!

Heck, you can even get certified and NOT start your own business. You can work under another sleep consultant and all you have to do is help families without worrying about all the other stuff that goes along with running a business.

Here’s our quick list of things you might offer:

  • Virtual consultations

  • In-person services

  • Group programs

  • Overnight services

  • Night nannying

  • Postpartum doula services

  • Group speaking for corporate functions (daycares, pediatricians, office functions, etc.)

  • Provide services under another consultant or company

  • Online courses

  • An online membership

  • Digital products in a shop

  • Affiliate marketing

If you want to read more details about each option, keep scrolling!

Virtual Consultations

Offering virtual consultations is something almost all sleep consultants do. Having a virtual option allows you to work with anyone, anywhere, as long as both parties have a stable wi-fi connection.

Want to reach a global audience? You can when you do it virtually!

In-Person Services

In-person services simply mean you provide your consultations in person, and you may have more of a local focus.

Getting into the homes of your clients offers a unique insight that you wouldn’t otherwise have, and it provides a more intimate experience. It’s something many families are looking for, especially when it comes to working with their baby or young child.

Group Programs

Group programs allow you to help more people at one time and can be done both in-person and virtually.

Delivering your consultations and support in this way aren’t as personalized, and consequently, are a lower price point.

Overnight Services

Want to offer done-for-you sleep training services? Overnights are, in many instances, a luxury service when it comes to sleep services. And, your price point can reflect that!

Night Nannying

Another type of luxury option, that’s definitely more hands-on than just delivering a consultation and sleep training a baby. Night nannying may include baby cares as well as laundry and bottle washing.

Postpartum Doula Services

As a postpartum doula, adding a sleep certification, or vice versa, gives you an added credential that some families will see as added value…because it is!

Work in homes caring for baby or mom, or even other children. Help with the house upkeep. Care for the baby while mom takes a shower. AND help lay a healthy sleep foundation. All for a premium price.

Group Speaking

If speaking to groups is a strength of yours, offering pricing for speaking gigs can be an added stream of revenue to your one-on-one services.

You’ll want to make sure you present evidence-based information as you’ll likely be speaking to other professionals (pediatricians, childcare centers, office functions, etc.). This is extremely important! Lucky for you, our certification program is all built with this in mind and we have the research sprinkled throughout our modules. Want to get a feel for one? Check out a sample module for free here!

Work Under Another Consultant or Company

If running your own business doesn’t sound like something you’d like to do, you can still work as a sleep consultant…just under someone else!

While there are many benefits to owning your own business, it’s not for everyone.

Online Courses

You may get to the point where you’ve done so many sleep consultations that you can recite your plan in your sleep, and feel confident answering almost any question thrown your way without hesitation.

This is when you know it’s time to consider a sleep course!

This is definitely a different way to run your business but allows you to reach and work with more tired families.

Online Memberships

Similar to online courses, an online membership allows you to reach a lot more tired parents…and get paid for educating them! Memberships are not a one-size-fits-all, but usually, a content library of resources for parents to take advantage of, and implement the strategies you share on their own for a lower price point.

Because of the lower price point, you’ll want to make sure your marketing strategies have a wide reach.

Digital Product Shop

Maybe the idea of courses or memberships (because you usually need to be on video) is just not for you. You’re more of a writer and can convey your ideas and strategies through written language. You’re creative and like to make things pretty, while simultaneously providing content that’s digestible for tired parents. A digital product shop with guides may be your answer!

Affiliate Marketing

Many sleep consultants have their favorite products they use and recommend to their audiences and clients. If you’re going to be sharing about it anyway, double-check to see if there’s a way to monetize it! If a company has an affiliate program, sign up. Sprinkle your codes and links throughout your content and resources and share about these products regularly and you’ll have another stream of income.

As you can see, there are so many ways you can build your business! Pick and choose what most aligns with your personality, and focus on that.

Want to build your own sleep consulting business?? Check out to learn more about our Sleep Consultant Academy and become certified today


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