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Mother breastfeeding a baby

Ready to level up your sleep consulting services?

Become an integrative feeding specialist!

Have you heard the myth that sleep consultants aren’t breastfeeding friendly?

The truth is, as a sleep consultant you may lose potential clients who are breastfeeding because they don’t believe it’s even possible for them to get better sleep until they’ve weaned.

Or worse yet, when you don’t understand how to incorporate breastfeeding into your sleep training, you may unintentionally force clients to wean prematurely.

But the good news is, with some additional education under your belt, you can bust that myth… and set yourself apart in the rapidly growing field of sleep consulting.

What if you could…
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Gain valuable breastfeeding knowledge that enables you to help families get better rest without compromising the feeding relationship

Reassure your clients that you’re conscious of their breastfeeding relationship and supply concerns while addressing their sleep issues

Confidently educate families on how to balance breastfeeding and getting a good night’s sleep — no need to wait until they’ve weaned



A comprehensive educational program designed to help sleep consultants expand their breastfeeding knowledge so they can better support families…

And the first program of its kind to combine breastfeeding knowledge & sleep dynamics!


Inside this course, you’ll learn everything you need to know in order to…

✔️ Feel more confident in working with families who are still breastfeeding

✔️ Better help families with solutions that fit their unique feeding and sleep goals

✔️ Be able to attract clients who want better sleep but aren’t ready to wean

✔️Set yourself apart from the competition by being trained in sleep consulting and as a feeding specialist

15 Comprehensive Training Modules:

Study at your own pace to become an integrative feeding specialist as you work through 15 educational units that will give you a solid foundation of evidence-based knowledge and techniques.

Access to our Student Facebook Community:

Ask questions, find support, and share your experiences and insights as you work through the course alongside like-minded women inside our members-only Facebook group.

Educational Videos & Illustrations:

Further your understanding and integration of the material with accompanying videos and illustrations as you progress through the course modules.

Certification Badge for Your Website & Social Media:

Showcase your completion of the first program of its kind to combine breastfeeding knowledge & sleep dynamics by proudly displaying your certification badge for all the world to see!

Final Exam to Test Your Knowledge:

Ensure mastery by taking the comprehensive course assessment, ensuring you can feel 100% confident in working with families who are breastfeeding.

Listing in Our Graduate Directory:

Upon graduating, you’ll get a personalized profile in our directory of integrative feeding specialists. (As busy sleep consultants ourselves who are typically fully booked, we point many clients seeking help in this direction!)

What you get inside the course

Woman feeding her baby with a bottle

Inside our 15 training modules, you’ll receive a comprehensive education on the link between sleep and breastfeeding and how to apply your newfound knowledge to help clients get better rest.

  • MODULE 1: The Disconnect Between Sleep and Lactation Industries

  • MODULE 2: Lactation Physiology

  • MODULE 3: Breast Storage Capacity

  • MODULE 4: Establishing Breastfeeding

  • MODULE 5: Navigating Breastfeeding Issues

  • MODULE 6: Feeding Cues and Signs of Healthy Growth

  • MODULE 7: Milk Supply Issues

  • MODULE 8: Pumping and Direct Alternatives to Nursing

  • MODULE 9: Bottle Feeding Practices to Compliment Breastfeeding

  • MODULE 10: Circadian Rhythms in Breastfeeding and Infant Sleep

  • MODULE 11: Increasing Milk Production

  • MODULE 12: Sleep Environment and Feeding

  • MODULE 13: Complementary Sleep Transition Practices

  • MODULE 14: Sharing the Load With Other Caregivers

Kaia Lacy, Lactation Consultant Specialist at The Collective for Family Rest & Wellness

Kaia Lacy

Kaia Lacy is a certified lactation consultant and the founder of Low Supply Mom, where she provides support for mothers along their unique feeding journey.


When her first child was born in 2018, she had every intention of exclusively breastfeeding, but soon realized she suffered from low milk supply.


In 2019 she founded Low Supply Mom as an online platform to connect parents struggling with similar issues, fill a void where she saw a major lack of support, and empower mothers with the knowledge that they’re enough.

Ashley Olson, co founder for Family Rest and Wellness

Ashley Olson

Collective for Family Rest & Wellness co-founder Ashley Olson is a certified pediatric sleep consultant, certified breastfeeding counselor, certified infant massage instructor, and the owner of Heaven Sent Sleep.


A mama to three little ones (with another on the way), she struggled to get enough rest with her firstborn, sending her on a quest to become an expert in baby sleep.


She founded her sleep consultancy, Heaven Sent Sleep, in 2018 and has since helped hundreds of families get better rest through a guilt-free, holistic approach.

Katelyn Thomson - Co-founder of the Collective for Family Rest and Wellness

Katelyn Thompson

Collective for Family Rest & Wellness co-founder Katelyn Thompson is a pediatric sleep consultant, child development expert, mother of three, and the owner of Sweet Pea Sleep.


With a decade of nannying experience and a degree in Child and Family Development from the University of Georgia, she figured parenting would be a breeze — so when her first child rarely slept more than 45 minutes at a time, she dove headfirst into the world of infant sleep education.


Since founding Sweet Pea Sleep in 2017, she’s helped hundreds of families take the guesswork out of getting a good night’s sleep.


Logo for The Collective for Family Rest and Wellness

ready to get started?

Enroll now for

  • What do I get with my purchase of the course?
    You will receive the thorough, evidence-based course. You will also gain exclusive access to our community of sleep consultants, receive a badge to display on your social media and website, and be listed in the Collective for Family Rest and Wellness Directory.
  • How long will the course take?
    We estimate about 20 hours of coursework, however, the course is completely self-paced as we know what it's like to be busy parents, professionals and business owners!
  • How long will I have access to the course?
    You will have LIFETIME access to the course and additional updates, bonuses and additions.
  • What is the time commitment?
    This is a totally self paced program so you can go through it as quickly as you’d like or as slowly as you’d like. You can expect it to take 2 months of diligently working through the course to complete it. This is because of the video trainings from experts in their field, the assessments, and the assignments that allow you to create your materials and set up your business while you’re completing the course! You can view the course outline here!
  • Is this course open to anyone?
    Yes! This course is open to anyone with a passion for infant sleep and that can be done from anywhere! Sleep consulting is not a regulated field so this course applies all over the world. “Regulated” means it would have a governing body with specific qualifications. Currently that doesn’t exist! Anyone can call themselves a sleep consultant.
  • Is this for someone who wants their own business?
    Yes! This can be a side gig or full time job. The purpose of the course is for you to feel equipped to open your own business but there may be the option of joining teams or a collective of sleep consultants in the future.
  • Do I *have* to open my own business though?
    Not if you don’t want to. You may just want the knowledge to supplement a current career. You might want the knowledge for yourself and to help friends. You can use this however you would like!
  • Does my kid have to be a perfect sleeper to help other families?
    Absolutely not! Who could even define what that is? We would never dream of putting that pressure on someone. The only thing you need is the desire to help families.
  • Will I be certified when I complete the course?
    You will receive a certificate and seal that you can display on your website and social media to indicate the time and experience you have in the field of sleep consulting.
  • I'm already a certified sleep consultant, is there a discount for continuing education?
    Yes! Please contact to receive a discount for continuing your education. There are also mentorship opportunities if you’re interested in that!
  • How do I get my partner on board with the investment?
    We get it– we’re Dave Ramsey people here! We both had a very serious sit down talk with our partner with all the information we could provide and gave them time to consider it before diving into the course. Both of our husbands chime in on the webinar if you’d like to hear more! Watch the webinar!
  • What can I expect to earn as a sleep consultant?
    This is going to vary by region and the hours that you work. The more hours you can work, the more clients you can take, the more money you can earn. We found that direct correlation when we surveyed other sleep consultants. There’s no limit because this is YOUR business!
  • What makes your program different?
    We can’t speak to every program on the market– but some things that set us apart include: a paid internship option that allows you to gain real world experience while making a name for yourself to gain clients (and earn some cash!) and we include ALL the information you need to know from birth to preschool instead of having you pay for a newborn or toddler course. We also have many, many expert contributors to ensure you’re receiving a well-rounded education to provide true holistic support to your clients.
  • Why would you want to create more competition?
    Far from feeling like the field is saturated, we feel there is still a huge deficit of sleep support for families and also the quality of education they receive! 4 babies are born per second in the United States alone. Parents lose an average of 44 full nights of sleep in their first year of parenthood. In other words- you are needed!
  • What are the overhead costs of starting this business?
    The amazing thing about an online, service-based business is that you can keep costs extremely lean. We operated for less than $100 a month for years. We also are offering an amazing business upgrade package, so that everything you need for your business for the first year is set up and paid for by us. No surprise costs! We are also offering a 1:1 mentorship package for those wanting to uplevel fast and have us in your back pocket!
  • How long will it take to get my first client after completing the course?
    How quickly you get your first client depends on a lot of factors, including your own marketing and networking efforts, but our graduates typically gain their first client in 1 to 4 weeks.
  • How much will it cost to run my sleep consultant business?
    The amazing thing about an online service-based business is that you can keep costs extremely lean. We each operated our respective businesses for less than $100 a month for years. We also offer an amazing business upgrade package, so that everything you need to run your business for the first year is set up and paid for by us - no surprise costs!
  • Will I have to spend a ton of time on social media to promote my sleep consultant business?
    Nope! While we definitely encourage establishing a social media presence (and our expert contributors will show you exactly how to do it!), our graduates actually get the majority of their clients via referrals from friends and family.
  • I’m not looking to become a full-time business owner. Is this program right for me?
    Absolutely! We understand many aspiring sleep consultants don’t want (or already have!) a full-time job. This certification is perfect for the mama who’s looking for part-time income or simply wants to support families. This program is intentionally designed to be accessible for those with busy lives, and to help you build a business that’s flexible enough to run even if you have little ones of your own and/or a 9-to-5 job.
  • How much money can I make as a part-time sleep consultant?
    There’s really no limit- in our survey, we found that the more hours worked correlated to more money made. It could range from $1000/month to $10,000/month.
  • What methods do you teach in your course?
    We teach a variety of methods appropriate to use from newborns to toddler aged children, as well as how to mix methods, how to decide what to use based on parent goals and child’s temperament, and how to combine methods for multiple phases of sleep training. No one size fits all or “signature” method here!
  • Is your course accredited?
    While there is no regulation for sleep consultating or a board overseeing certifications, there is a process to becoming an accredited course which we completed and qualified for in August of 2023 through the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants. You can now find us on their approved list of sleep consultant certifications!
Katelyn & Ashley - founders of the collective for family rest and wellness laughing
If you’re ready to gain valuable breastfeeding knowledge that will set you apart in the rapidly growing field of sleep consulting, this course is for you.
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